A three-star hotel localized in a centre of an antique town of st. Gilgen at the feet of Zwolfernhorn (1552 meters above the ground level) – the Salzkummergut ski region. Almost 400 meters from the hotel stretches a crystal clear Wolfgangsee lake – named after its patron, Mozart, whose mother was born and lived in that that.

The hotel is run by a Polish family of Wota(owners of a castle in Nowêcin near £eba). It consists of 27 wonderful rooms overlooking beautiful mountains, the lake and ancient steets of the town that surround the hotel. Thanks to the unique localization and rare hospitality your stay at their hotel becomes the most wonderful time.

Their hotel is currently marked with three stars. Their guest, however, claim that if the stars were to be an indication of hospitality, their hotel logo should include a picture of a whole galaxy. They guarantee a family atmosphere and any assistance during your stay at their hotel.

They offer spacious rooms with bathroom facilities, equipped with TV sets and telephones. Many of the rooms have balconies with a wonderful view of the lake and the mountains. They also recommend their delicious cuisine, which includes both Polish and regional dishes.

You are welcomed to use their online booking system for on-line room booking with specially discounted prices.

They recommend the delicious cuisine that includes both Polish and Austrian dishes. All meals are prepared with the use of fresh ingredients based on their many years’ cooking experiences, and with attention paid to high quality and hygiene standards. Thanks to that many of their guests ask about their meals recipes.

Due to the fact that except for the hotel in st. Gilgen they also own a castle in Nowêcin near £eby, they feel obliged to enrich the feeding traditions of the Salzburg Region with those of Polish nobility.